Sansepolcro is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the province of Arezzo. Located in the south-eastern part of Tuscany, in the Upper Tiber valley, Sansepolcro is known for being the birthplace of the great Renaissance artist Piero della Francesca (1417-1492). Some of his most famous works such as the Polyptych of Mercy and the fresco of the Resurrection of Christ are kept inside the Sansepolcro Civic Museum. Sansepolcro is surrounded by ancient walls containing beautiful views and alleyways for you to discover. In the Cathedral there is the "Volto Santo", a wooden crucifix from the Carolingian period. The crucified Christ presents Middle Eastern traits and looks victorious, not suffering as he is on most crucifixes. Next to the Cathedral there is the impressive Palazzo delle Laudi, today the seat of the Town Council. There are many other churches to visit in the historic center: St. Francis Church, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, as well as San Lorenzo Church where you can admire Rosso Fiorentino’s painting depicting the Deposition. Sansepolcro's skyline is characterized by beautiful belfries and some ancient towers which were once even more numerous. A few kilometers away, following a road that winds its way into the mountains near Sansepolcro, you can reach, even on foot, the Franciscan Hermitage of Montecasale, Saint Francis of Assisi’s heritage in this area.

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INSIDE SANSEPOLCRO the widespread Museum
Every Saturday at 3.30 pm, from June to September

Places, People, Stories. Every Saturday at 15:30 starting from the Tourist Office it will be possible to discover a part of the city's heritage: culture, glimpses, curiosities and anecdotes related to buildings, alleys, works of art. A guaranteed appointment is carried out by authorized guides of the Province of Arezzo, who will lead visitors to discover the city of Piero della Francesca.



Via Matteotti, 8
52037 - Sansepolcro - AR