Principal Events

12 March 2019

Venerdì and Domenica del Tarlo

Venerdì del Tarlo takes place every Friday from 6 pm, from June to August along the main street (via XX Settembre), via Matteotti and Piazza Torre […]
12 April 2019

The Palio della Balestra

The Palio della Balestra The Palio della Balestra takes place on the last Sunday of May in Gubbio and on the second Sunday in September in […]
12 April 2019

The Sant’Egidio Market

The Sant’Egidio Market is one of the main events of the Palio Festivities. It is a Renaissance market organized by the Rinascimento nel Borgo Association, with […]
12 April 2019

Kilowatt Festival

Kilowatt is a festival created in 2003 by the Capotrave theatrical company in collaboration with Sansepolcro Town Hall. This event takes place in July and is […]
12 April 2019

Street Market And The Mercatale

A street market takes place in Sansepolcro every Tuesday and Saturday morning. It stretches along Via XX September, from Porta Romana to Piazza Torre di Berta; […]
12 April 2019

Mid-Lent Fair

Every year, between March and April, twenty days before Easter, Sansepolcro hosts the Mid-Lent Fair. During these four days, from Thursday to Sunday, the town is […]
12 April 2019

Feste del Palio della Balestra

Feste del Palio della Balestra Sansepolcro is famous for the Palio della Balestra, an ancient competition between the archers of the companies of Gubbio and Sansepolcro. […]