Civic Museum

Il Merletto di Sansepolcro
9 April 2019
9 April 2019

Address: Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 65

Phone: 0575 732218

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The Civic Museum is the most important museum in Sansepolcro and is based in the old Palazzo dei Conservatori, a quadrangular structure with an adjacent tower, exemplifying one of the oldest styles of architecture widespread throughout the Sansepolcro historic centre. The central heart of the museum is made up of masterpieces that Piero della Francesca painted for his own city. The hall dedicated to Piero della Francesca houses his most important work, the Resurrection, painted around 1460. The fresco represents human and spiritual expressions of the rebirth of Christ, with the strong and solemn figure of the Savior dominating the scene. Today the Resurrection is the symbol of the city and was put back on public display again in 2018 after three years of restoration, which brought to light its original colors. In the museum there are other works by the same artist:
– the Polyptych of Mercy, commissioned by the local Confraternita della Misericordia in 1445, is composed of 23 panels where, on the central panel with on a gold background, is the Madonna who welcomes the faithful people under her mantle;
– San Giuliano, a fragment of a detached fresco, discovered in 1954 in the apse of Santa Chiara church;
– San Ludovico, a fragment of a detached fresco, coming from the old Palazzo Pretorio.

In the other rooms of the museum you can admire works by other important artists, such as Matteo di Giovanni, Andrea della Robbia, Jacopo Carrucci called Pontormo, Raffaellino del Colle, Santi di Tito, Giovanni de Vecchi, Leandro Bassano .

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