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10 April 2019
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10 April 2019

Sansepolcro, being a Tuscan town, has the culinary traditions of Tuscany.

Among the typical appetizers we can find different types of crostini: “black” crostini prepared with chicken livers, tomato or mushroom crostini and so on. All this is usually accompanied by cold cuts (ham, salami, etc.).

Bringoli pasta with its “fake” sauce (fake because it is made without meat, based on vegetables) or with a Chianina meat sauce (a breed of cattle which takes its name from the Val di Chiana) is a local Tuscan speciality. Among the main courses, typical dishes are based on game hunted in the area (eg wild boar).
For dessert you can try cantucci biscuits, typical almond biscuits, accompanied by a glass of vin santo. Alternatively there is torcolo, a light, fluffy cake to be enjoyed with a cup of tea.

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