How to reach

The E45 highway goes through the Valtiberina and connects it to the north with Cesena and to the south with Orte. Sansepolcro has two exits: “north” and “south”. The “north” exit can be reached by taking the A14 to Cesena and then taking it E45, or A1 to Arezzo. From here follow the signs for the “Valtiberina-Sansepolcro” along the E78 highway.

The “south” exit is for those traveling on the E 45 up to Sansepolcro, or the A1 to Arezzo.

The alternative route, for those coming from Rimini, can be the State Road 258 – Marecchiese which offers beautiful landscapes of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines.

The closest connection to Sansepolcro for those who is the railway station of Arezzo. From there you can reach Sansepolcro through public transport.

The UmbriaMobilità railway network (Ferrovia Regionale Umbra) passes through Sansepolcro and connects the Valtiberina with Perugia.

The timetables for the connection with Arezzo, the Upper Tiber Valley, Sansepolcro and other Valtiberina municipalities are available on

The bus lines between Sansepolcro and Rome can be consulted on website

The airports of reference to reach Sansepolcro are:

 Perugia (45 min.),

Forlì (1 h),

Florence (1.5 h),

Rimini (1.5 h),

Bologna (2 h),

Ancona (2 h),

Pisa (2.5 h),

Rome (2.5 h).