San Francesco

San Lorenzo
9 April 2019
Hermitage Of Montecasale
9 April 2019

Address: Via Beato Ranieri 1.
Wheelchair access: The church has one step, easily overcome with the help of an assistant.

The Church of San Francesco, located in Via Beato Ranieri, is the first Gothic-style church built in Sansepolcro by the Franciscan friars (13th century) In the second half of the eighteenth century renovation work altered the building’s gothic structure and large windows were opened to illuminate the interior. At the center of the presbytery is the jewel of the gothic art of the church, dating back to 1304, the High Altar. The church also houses numerous works of art and the most important one is the representation of The Stigmata of Saint Frances of Assisi by Giovanni De Vecchi, placed in the second altar on the right. In the crypt under the presbytery lies the body of Blessed Ranieri, a Franciscan friar who died in 1304. There is also an ancient pipe organ.

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