The Alpe Della Luna Nature Reserve

The St. Francis Path
10 April 2019
The Palio della Balestra
12 April 2019

The Alpe della Luna Nature Reserve extends over the territories of Sansepolcro and Badia Tedalda, covering 1540 hectares. 86% of the area is covered by woods, but it is also possible to enjoy enchanting views from various observation points.
The Alpe della Luna is still quite unspoiled since there are no major communication routes, only hiking trails that lead to important scenic points of the reserve and to some shelters. Furthermore, there are no significant residential settlements.
In 1944 the German army decided to build a series of fortifications across this area, called the Gothic Line, to slow down the allied army. There are still remains of some of the trenches, now covered by vegetation.

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