The Medici Fortress

The Palazzo delle Laudi
9 April 2019
Palazzo Ducci del Rosso
10 April 2019

Address: Via della Fortezza, 9

Open only on special occasions


The Medici Fortress was built by Giuliano da Sangallo and commissioned by the Medici Family in the early 1500s for military purposes. Around the fortification there used to be a large moat that completely isolated the fortress from the rest of the city. It is made up of 4 bastions, each with a different name: the largest is called the Belvedere; the one facing the city and considered the most fascinating is that of Santa Maria; on the opposite side are the San Casciano and the San Leo bastions. On the inside, the Sansepolcro Fortress has a pretty courtyard with a very deep well in the middle. Being privately owned, it is now closed to the public, but it is possible to admire its majesty from outside walking along the city walls.

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